Make a difference through participation

Ever feel unappreciated? You know: You work hard, do your best, but nobody ever takes the time to say, "Great job! Keep it up!" Does that sound familiar?

April 22 is our chance to take a little time to recognize something we often take for granted: the Earth. We've been celebrating Earth Day since 1970, but in recent years it's received greater attention as we learn more about the environment and our impact on it.

We've put together a collection of careers that focus on preserving the environment. Almost every career can impact the Earth in some way, from researching solutions to environmental problems, to cleaning up and protecting our resources, to developing new ways to do things. It's all about how you use your skills.

Labor market analysts say that green careers will be red hot in the future. But there are many more reasons to get involved. This Earth Day, check out the different ways you can thank the planet.